Orinda, CA, is a small town known for its ideal location, high property values, surrounding nature and wildlife, and its proximity to cities like Oakland and San Fransisco.

RC Fences Offers Orinda Residents Several Different Services

In Orinda, we offer three main services. The first is our Orinda, CA fence contractor service, which includes the quote, design, and installation of your new fence in the style and materials of your choice. Next up is our Orinda, CA deck builder service, which includes a custom design, estimate, and all the work necessary to build your dream deck. Finally, we offer the typical fence and deck repair services, specializing in the repairing of damaged fences that have lost the battle against nature and become victim to rot and decay, as well as repairing those fences that were never built or installed correctly the first time around!

Landscape retaining walls from the best Orinda Fencing & Deck Builder Services

If you own a home in Orinda, chances are you’ve got a steep slope somewhere on your property, or your home is built right into a hill. Although beautiful to look at, these hills often mean a waste of space, or worse yet, a dangerous situation in the event of heavy rain. We offer our Orinda residents landscape retaining wall construction and repair work.  With this service,  you can prevent often disastrous mud and hill slides that can erode your property away and cost you thousands in repairs. Whether you’re interested in gardening, outdoor activities, or you just want a safe place for your children to play outside, a retaining wall can create flat areas so you can make use of all that space. With our professional retaining wall design and construction service, we can help you make the most of your outdoor space while still maintaining the beauty of your hillside property.

What often sets RC Fences and Decks apart from the competition is we always make sure that your retaining walls have proper drainage behind them and construct them in a proper way so that the walls do not lean or collapse. Other companies often skip these important steps to finish on time or to make more of a profit. While designing your landscaping retaining walls we as your Orinda Fencing & Deck Builder take into account the load the wall has to bear, and the drainage needed so that your landscaping retaining walls last for years without any damage.

Deer Fence Construction

With all the nature and wildlife surrounding Orinda, a popular service for our Orinda residents is the option of Deer fences as an alternative to wood fences.  These fences are great for providing adequate security and protecting your property while still being able to enjoy the view. Deer Fencing is available in different sizes ranging from small 1 X 2 inches to the most common 2 X 4 inches metal fences.  Our deer fences are constructed with the highest quality of low gauge sturdy wire, 4 X4 pressure treated posts, and bottom pressure treated rails using the proper types of galvanized or steel U- clips.