Lafayette is a beautiful upper class city found in California, which is encased in gorgeous regional park lands, called Briones.   lafayette ca fence contractorThe city is a fantastic area for residents of all ages and backgrounds, offering a wide variety of different activities and events throughout the area, with lots of parks, community activities, upper class shops and restaurants, as well as much more! Lafayette is a fantastic City, responsible for maintaining and protecting and maintaining the surrounding nature areas through their teams of volunteers from the city. The wonderful residents of Lafayette, CA sacrifice their time to make sure that everybody can enjoy the beauty of the nature areas surrounding the City, a feat that should be admired by all.

lafayette ca deck builderIn Lafayette, we mainly offer three main services. The first is our Lafayette ca fence contractor service, which includes the quote, design and installation of your new fence in a landscape and style of your choice. Next up is our Lafayette ca deck builder service, which includes all the work necessary to design and build your dream deck. Finally, we offer the Lafayette ca fence repairs service, specializing in the repairing of damaged fences that have already been installed, this service comes for free within the first year (change as appropriate) of your RC fence or deck installation.

In the past, RC Fences have completed a wide range of projects in Lafayette for a wide range of customer, always considering the needs of each customer, as well as how their desired fence/decking/other service would fit into their landscape of choice. For one of our most recent works, we restored a large section of fencing for a customer moving into a new property, this is what they had to say about their experience with us:

“I moved into my new house and the fencing around my garden looked a mess, so I called RC Fences and they were over the next day. They made an initially run-down and worn out fence look like it was brand new, I can’t thank RC Fences enough, they have completely revolutionized the way that my garden looks!”

Some of the other works we have completed include deck building and fence installation. RC Fences provides the residents of Lafayette, CA with some of the best fence contractor around, with efficient and non-invasive installations for your fences, as well as guaranteeing longevity for your fence, as well as quality. Our deck builders work to ensure that your deck is built to be exactly how you want it, using the finest of products and materials to produce a long lasting and premium quality deck for Lafayette residents.

Lafayette, CA experiences a lot of extremely hot weather in its summer, paired with sub-zero winters during Winter. Because of this, RC Fences are dedicated to ensuring that our fences, decks and other products are sturdy enough to survive these harsh conditions. Because of the variety and intensity of the weather in Lafayette, we offer a year (change as appropriate) guarantee on any of our Lafayette decking and fencing installation/restoration. This means that you can enjoy your new fences and decking, without the worry of having to pay any extra costs for repairs needed due to weather.