The beautiful Diablo area is an unincorporated area of land surrounding the base of Mt Diablo. The area is known for its high property values and many outdoor recreational activities. Homeowners in the Diablo area should be proactive in maintaining their properties to prevent damage from mud and landslides, rain, fire, and wildlife.

Landscape retaining walls from the best Diablo Fencing & Deck Builder Services

One of the best ways to prevent costly damage to your home and property in an area like Diablo is with a properly installed retaining wall with a hidden drainage system. If your property is on a hillside, a retaining wall can create sufficient flat areas for grass and gardens and play areas for your children from what once was a sloping hill.

Redwood Fences from your Diablo Fence Contractor

We offer custom Redwood Fence construction as one of your premium services!  We pride ourselves on using the best quality of Redwood sourced directly from the best local lumber yards at below retail prices. Though redwood fences are expensive they have a high aesthetic value. So whether you plan on staying in your current home, or selling at some point in the future, your custom redwood fence will increase the beauty of your property as well as the value of your home.

Deer Fence Construction

We offer Diablo residents the option of Deer fences as an alternative to wood fences.  These fences are great for providing adequate security while retaining the view, so you can enjoy the nature and wildlife surrounding your home. They are available in different sizes ranging from small 1 X 2 inches to the most common 2 X 4 inches metal fences, depending on your needs. Our deer fences are constructed with the highest quality low gauge sturdy wire and 4 X4 pressure treated posts and bottom pressure treated rails using the right types of galvanized or steel U- clips.